During the bouts of cancer diagnosis and treatments, Rachel writes e-mails to keep her friends and family updated on her thoughts and spiritual walk.

Rachel’s surgery went well

January 17, 2005

Rachel’s surgery went well.


She got wheeled into OR at 10:45 AM. I got a call from Dr. Lennox at 1:15 PM up at Rachel’s room that he and the the other surgeon were happy at how things went and that she was recovering in the post operating room. She made it up to her semi-private room around 3 PM. Upon her arrival she was pretty groggy – thus we talked briefly. She slept most of the afternoon and evening – only waking for the nurses to take vitals. We had a good conversation just before I left (just before 9 PM). She was wanting me to check and confirm the surgeon removed the Port-a-cath (the two minute part of the surgery) and was also eager to stay up and watch “24” on TV — both good signs she was feeling a bit better.


God sent two angels to watch over Rachel both per and post surgery. Rachel’s nurse in pre-op was diana. She has been one of my aunt Elaine’s good friends for 35 years. For 45 minutes before Rachel’s surgery she gave Rachel fantastic care. They talked and they laughed. She was wonderful. I knew Rachel was in good care as diana wheeled her into the operation room. Then there was nurse Maureen who has known Rachel since she was seven. Maureen has been a family friend and worked with Rachel’s father back when they all lived in Chilliwak. I met her in the pre-op room, even though she is a post-op nurse — well I guess i got hugged and kissed and THAN met her, but those are small details… Maureen took special care of Rachel during and then after surgery. Both these nurses were are real blessing and we thank God for them.


As you all know this has been pretty invasive surgery – thus she is going to need some quiet time to heal – and if you can’t read between the lines – that means leave her alone for a couple of weeks. She loves your emails, so write regularly, just don’t expect a response back. Thanks. The pit-bull a.k.a husband


God is merciful and I thank Him for another day.



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