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On March 4, 2009, Rachel had an opportunity to share about her hope in the midst of terminal cancer. What began as a small talk to her church women’s group became an event attended by over 600 women and was an experience that left many with a desire to discover more about Rachel’s journey and faith.

Death is not Dying Event Video

March 5, 2009

This is the video of Rachel’s talk at the Women’s Event hosted by Westside Church at the River Rock Show Theatre in Richmond, BC, Canada on March 4, 2009. It is 55 minutes in length.



  1. […] Another random thought…really good video that is almost an hour long. The name of the video is “Death is Not Dying: a Faith that Saves” (h/t http://hoperoadblog.com). I’ve watched it three times, and believe everyone should watch it at least once. The link is http://deathisnotdying.com/fullvideo/. […]

  2. Thank you Lord for Rachel. I watched the video in my Lazy-boy while treating a neck injury. Deeply moved and will share video with my wife. Being 37 and having 3 kids it is sobering yet refreshing knowing the God whom we serve.
    Thanks for sharing with the world.

  3. Dear Rachel, you are truly glorifying God by sharing your story. My heart hurts as I see your pain in not being able to do for your children as you would like to. Someday they will see this video just as you planned and they will blessed. Your life is a living testament of the living God. I plan on sharing this video with my parents next week as I visit them. They have had lots of close calls with death, physically. I would be so glad for your or anyones prayers that God would open their eyes to see the truth of the gospel and the power it has even for them. I will see you one day sister, here, there, or in the air 🙂
    Your testimony is evidence that Jesus lives!!!!
    God Bless You.

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