During the bouts of cancer diagnosis and treatments, Rachel writes e-mails to keep her friends and family updated on her thoughts and spiritual walk.

Feeling better

September 4, 2004

Was rehydrated with a couple of bags of saline and given some anti-nausea drugs by IV at the cancer clinic. Neil took me and sat beside me the whole time. They were going to admit me overnight but decided to discharge me once I seemed to be improving. I was glad as I knew I’d sleep better in my own bed. Got home around 5pm. Have had lots of sleep and am feeling much better although still a bit nauseated.


They didn’t give me extra anti-nausea drugs this time around before chemo. I had been struggling with nausea for the few months before I was diagnosed with cancer – even to the point that I thought I might be pregnant (which I wasn’t) but we still haven’t nailed down why I have been feeling sick. Because I had already been feeling ill, my oncologist prescribed an extra dose of the anti-nauseants before the first round of chemo. It wasn’t prescribed the second time. It’s much easier to prevent nausea than to control it once it’s in full swing so hopefully that is what the difference was between this time and last. We’ll find out next time, I guess, as they’ve prescribed the extra anti-nauseants again for round three.


Neil and Quinn have gone up to the cabin this morning to join Dave and Johanna for the night. Mom and Kate are home with me.


Hope everyone is having/had a great long weekend. Thanks again for remembering me to Him.



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